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We are a legal service provider in Nantwich that offers expert Estate Planning advice, a personalised Will Writing service, Inheritance Tax Planning, Lasting Power of Attorney and Probate forms to protect your assets from creditors and enrich your family's financial future. 




At Legal Help Services Limited we understand that planning for the future can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Our team of Estate Planners are experienced professionals, dedicated to helping you to prepare, protect and preserve your legacy in order to secure your family's financial future. 

Did you know an estate plan is critical to protect your hard-earned assets and avoid costly legal battles? 

We protect your assets by offering a variety of services, including;

  • Will and Trust Writing

  • Power of Attorney Forms

  • Home, Asset and Family Protection Trusts

  • Probate Application Form and Services

With a Legal Help Servics Limited personalised Estate Planning, you'll help your loved ones to avoid probate fees, conflicts and outrageous inheritance taxes. Our comprehensive Estate Planning solutions also protects againts lawsuits and disputes, which ensures your wishes are honoured and financial stability for those you care about.

Click the Icons below or contact us to learn which service is best for you.

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Don't let the Government decide who gets your belongings

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Keep control of your affairs, even if you become mentally incapacitated

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Protect your assets, children and home from creditors by creating a Family Trust

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We provide assistance for individuals who are finding the court process difficult

​We encourgae you to read our Free Legal Advice Newsletter and Client Testimonials to learn about the high quality service we provide. You can become a member in a community of people who've protected their family's future. By joining our membership programme you'll recive great rewards. Click here to join!

With Legal Help Services Limited, you can rest assured that your legacy is in good hands.

Legal Help Services Limited Legal Advice Newsletter

The Legacy Navigator Newsletter:

Unlock the Secrets To
Estate Planning


Dive into our extraordinary newsletter that’s bursting with guidance on estate planning. Discover the phenomenal and life-altering benefits of organising your paperwork and embark on the journey to peace of mind. Our newsletter holds the key to unlocking hidden knowledge, expert insights and secrets about LPAs, Wills and Trusts, avoiding probate, reducing inheritance tax and how to protect your assets creditors. Each page unveils remarkable strategies to fortify your legacy and secure your financial future. Don't delay, read it now and unleash the power of estate planning

  • Learn why it's important to have a Will, Power of Attorney and Estate Plan in place

  • Discover the many ways you can lose your assets and cause your family financial stress without Protection 

  • Stay up-to-date with new estate protection methods

  • Uncover exclusive insights and strategies, unlock hidden opportunities and cultivate a growth mindset





  • Professional, Friendly, Empathetic and Reliable Service

  • We're There When You Need Us

  • Your Friend, Not An Agent

  • Personalised Tailored Service

  • Your Family And Needs Come First

  • Free Consultation On Will Writing

  • Free Will With All Trusts And Estate Plans

  • Client Referral Rewards

  • Family and Group Discount Rates

  • Home Visits Will Writing Service

  • Unlimited Lifetime Package Management

  • Limited Time Offers


Legal Help Services Limited Client smiling with her hand next to her face

Lilian Jacks, 85
Crewe, UK

Louise came to my home and explained everything in such easy terms.  I was so happy with the service that she provided.     Thank you

Legal Help Services Limited Client smiling in his home

Darren Shoebridge, 56
London, UK

Received my package, things look great. Thanks for clarifying my concerns and explaining things thoroughly

Legal Help Services Limited Client smiling

Sheila Soar, 70
Warrington, UK

Thank you so much for your time and patience, I feel so much better now I have all my paperwork in place. I have recommended you to my friends.





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As a member, you'll receive a Free Consultation on all our services, a £50 gift voucher for Referring A Friend, access to special LPA offers and 5% rebates on Will Upgrades. Plus, you'll become eligible for our Family Package Discount, saving you even more on your estate protection needs.


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