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Legal Help Services Limited Will and Trust Writing Service in Nantwich


Legal Help Services Limited Will Writing


You are at the top of your family tree, so you can decide how it blossoms.  We can help you to write a will and ensure your valuables are left to the people you value.

You have worked hard for what you have and you want to leave it for your family to give them a head start in life, but if you don’t write a Will and protect them with a Will Trust, your wishes may not be carried out as desire.

Don't let the government will decide who benefits from your estate, contact us today and secure you legacey.  

Legal Help Services Limited Will Writing Service in Nantwich, ensures your wishes are carried out and your assets are distributed under your terms and conditions.

Making a Will

A Basic Will is a legal document that is triggered on death, to carry out the distribution of your estate in the way you have requested it to be, as long as life has gone to plan and no other people are involved in contesting the Will or any legal bodies owed from the estate.  Guardianship of your children is stated within a basic Will making sure your children are taken care of by the people you want to look after them.

Beneficiary of a Will

The Beneficiary of a Will someone specifically named to receive assets, property, or financial benefits outlined in a person's Last Will and Testament. This designation is a pivotal part of estate planning, enabling the testator to clearly define who should inherit their assets after their passing. When you has passed away, the assets mentioned in the will are distributed to the beneficiaries according to the terms and instructions specified in your Will. Beneficiaries hold a crucial role in ensuring the your wishes are faithfully executed during the probate process, making their awareness of their status and responsibilities essential.

You should Write a Will if you have;

  • Children: You can name a guardian for your children and specify how your assets will be used to provide for them.

  • Business: You can specify who will take over your business and how it will be managed after your death.

  • Assets: You can distribute your assets as you see fit, rather than leaving it up to UK laws

  • Savings: You can leave money for loved ones or charities and contribute to thier success

If you neglect to write a Will, your assets may be distributed according to UK laws, which may not align with your intentions.
Don't leave your legacy up to chance. Contact Legal Help Services Limited today for a
Free Will Writing consultation.


Legal Help Services Limited can provide you with several different Will Trusts to help you further secure your family's future. These ranging from a Children's Trust Funds to a Discretionary Trust, or a Family Protection Trust. A Will Trust upgrade is designed to increase the protection of your children, loved ones and your assets, providing greater peace of mind.

Will Trusts are legal entities that can help protect your assets and ensure they are distributed according to your wishes. There are several types of trusts that can be used in different situations:

Trust For Children:

This ingenious legal instrument allows parents or guardians to set aside assets, money, or property exclusively for the benefit of their children. It ensures that these assets are safeguarded until the child reaches a specified age or life milestone, shielding them from unexpected financial challenges. A Trust for Child thus becomes a powerful vehicle to provide a firm foundation, granting children a head start in their journey toward financial independence and prosperity.

Discretionary Trusts:

These are flexible Will Trusts that allow your beneficiaries to receive income and capital from the Trust at the discretion of the Trustee. This means that the beneficiaries don't have an automatic right to the assets held in the Trust. Discretionary Trusts are useful if you want to protect your assets from creditors or from being squandered.

Property Protection Trust:

A Property Protection Trust is a legal arrangement designed to safeguard your home and property from potential financial risks, such as care home fees or creditors. This trust allows you to place your property into a protective structure, ensuring that it can be passed on to your chosen beneficiaries without being sold to cover care costs. By establishing a Property Protection Trust, you retain the right to live in and benefit from your property during your lifetime, while securing its future for your loved ones. This can be a valuable part of estate planning, providing peace of mind that your property will be preserved for your family's benefit even in the face of unforeseen financial challenges.

Family Protection Trust:

This Will Trust is designed to protect your family's assets from care home fees, inheritance tax, and divorce settlements. This legal document safeguards your family's financial future if the unexpected happens. It ensures that your loved ones receive an inheritance, even if it means overriding the usual rules of inheritance. It offers peace of mind and protection against financial turmoil, ensuring that your family's financial needs are taken care of even when you're not there to do so.

By setting up a Will Trust, you have greater control over how your assets are distributed and protect them from potential risks.


(There are many other Trusts to choose from depending on your circumstances)

Legal Help Services Limited Last Will and Testament Service

No child or grandchild can legally inherit until they turn 18 years old. However, you may feel that 18 is simply too young to receive a large lump sum and use it responsibly. Instead, you can delay the payment until they reach a more mature age by inserting a Children's Trust into your Will. With a Children's Trust your child can inherit at 21 or 25, whilst allowing the trustees to access the estate, but only in the best interest of your children. Making sure your children are provided for responsibly. 


If you have a loved one with a disability and wish to ensure they are adequately cared for, your choice of Trustees can oversee their inheritance and distribute it accordingly.  This will make sure the beneficiary is taken care of and will also protect them from inheriting the full amount, so they would still be entitled to state benefits. You may also want to ensure a disabled or vulnerable beneficiary can continue living in your home after you’ve passed, but may also want to give a share of the house to each of your children. Without creating special provisions in your Will, this may not be possible. With the correct planning, we can help to ensure all your intended beneficiaries get a share of your estate and we will also try to legally minimise any loss.


A Family Planning Will is the perfect way to combine numerous Trusts into one Will, covering different eventualities. We sever your deeds to 50-50 ownership so you can pass  your property or your portion of the property to your children (or choice in beneficiary). This Will also ensures your partner/spouse or any other person living with you at the time of your death can continue living in the property until their death or time limit and conditions stated by you. This Will protects from many forms of disinheritance including remarriage.



  1. Call or email us to arrange a free consultation  

  2. During the consultation we will give you instructions and arrange a follow up meeting

  3. Once you've gathered the information, we will conduct a Will Writing

  4. In 15 minutes your Will will be writen and your asssets will be reserved for the ones you love


Unlock peace of mind with our exclusive 3-way package. When you purchase a Financial Affairs LPA and a Health and Welfare LPA, you'll receive a Free Will Writing. This comprehensive package is designed to empower you with full control over your financial, health, and estate matters.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to simplifying the process for you. We'll not only draft your Will but also guide you through the complexities of LPAs, ensuring your wishes are legally documented.

This package empowers you to make crucial decisions regarding your beneficiaries while ensuring your financial and healthcare preferences are securely documented in case of incapacity. We deliver a friendly and dependable service, guaranteeing meticulous attention to detail when crafting your Will. We guarantee your Will is written with the utmost care and attention it deserves.

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